Another Lab meeting day! Today’s topics were navigation studies in fMRI research and types of audiology tests.
Face-to-face #poster presentations at #COGSCIDAYS 2021.
Lab members present a collective effort to learn data collection with Arduino and sensors.
Organization Committee and Lab members are welcoming our guests on  #COGSCIDAYS 2021.
Getting ready for #COGSCIDAYS 2021!
Electrophysical and Psychophysical Implementations with Arduino Workshop from CogSci Days 2021
Our Lab hosted a new series of workshops! Members of CNVP Lab, organized workshops for virtual reality, experimental design, programming and eye tracking.
Didem’s farewell gathering
Another day, another workshop in CNVP Lab! Let’s learn how to use eye-tracker in cognition experiments.
After recording auditory stimuli for our sound localization database, we have all the respect for the database creators out there!
Recording auditory stimuli for our sound localization database.
Eye Tracking for Experiments Workshop #COGSCIDAYS 2021.
Tired but happy after  #COGSCIDAYS 2021.
We experienced a really successful event and would like to express our gratitude for your willingness to take part in #COGSCIDAYS 2021.
 #COGSCIDAYS 2021 – After Party!
Emre Yorgancıgil became the first Ph.D. graduate from our lab! In his thesis titled ‘Evaluation of Human and Robot Faces and Voices through Behavioral and Neuroimaging Methods’, he investigates multimodal and emotional aspects of robot perception. Congratulations Emre!
Participants showed great interest in our Virtual Reality workshop! We are so happy to have a face-to-face event after a long time.
Wishing you a happy, productive and healthy year! We wish to do research and make more science in 2022.
While our supervisor Funda Yildirim is demonstrating eye-tracking data collection.
Welcoming Fall – 2021 semester.
Did you know that you can taste sounds, smell stories or hear surfaces?
We, students of the Cognitive Science MA Programme and members of the Computational Neuroscience and Visual Perception Laboratory at Yeditepe University, are so happy and proud to be on the organizing committee of #COGSCIDAYS 2021. We are looking forward to welcoming all speakers and attendees to the workshop!
An EEG experiment from CNVP Lab
Experimental Design workshop from our lab members. The workshop was about, how they can design an experiment, the terminology that we used in an experimental design, and how they can conduct an experiment in Psychopy.

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