Mini Symposium: Research Methods for Cognitive Science Final Project Presentations

Mini Symposium:
Research Methods for Cognitive Science
Final Project Presentations
Jan 8th, 2019 – Law Building, Z10 – A


Session 1 (15:50 – 17:05) 

Effect of Decision Time on Anchoring Value Filiz Tezcan

Decision Making in the Workplace Çimen Yurdanur 

The Effects of Statistical Knowledge in Risk Taking Behavior Ayşe Danyal

Motivated Reasoning on Time Estimation of Projects Alper Ulusoy


Coffee Break


Session 2 (17:15 – 18:25)

Testing Retrieval Fluency for Academic Word Usage in Non-Native Speakers Berjo Rijnders

A Study of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Ability with Hand Dominance Cansu Coşkunsu

Correlation Between Ability on Heuristic Perception Based on Gestalt Laws, and Intelligence in Humans Nazlı Konukoğlu

Meditation and Cognitive Flexibility Simay Selek


Coffee Break


Session 3 (18:35 – 19:45)

A Turing Test Evaluation of a Music ­Generator Deep Learning Model Alper Kaplan

Impacts Of Background Music/Sound On Attention/Cognition Hatice Yüksel

The Effect Of Contour and Configuration in Visual Crowding Elif Memis

Investigation of Implicit Space-Time Mappings Across Generations Yonca Üstünbas


Coffee Break


Session 4 (19:55 – 21:05)

The Role of Early Memories Of Warmth and Safeness in Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Attachment Seda Kayacık

Depressive Mood as an Indicator of Frequency of the First-person-singular Pronoun Usage Esra Cesur

The Role of Emotions in Aesthetic Judgment through Seen Artworks Burak Berk Gültekin

The Effects of Anger on Decision Making and Visual Attention Emre Gözütok

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