Undergraduate Students


I am a double-major undergraduate student at the Psychology Department and the Nutrition and Dietetics Department.  I have various interests such as memory, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, and perception. I strive to improve myself by reading about these fields. Currently, I am conducting the project “The effect of harmonic and inharmonic sounds on the perception of roughness” under the supervision of Dr. Funda Yıldırım with PhD student Didem Katırcılar in CNVP Lab.


I am a sophomore Computer Engineering student at Boğaziçi University. My interest lies in between Computer Science and Neurosicence. More specifically, I like to read and learn about how brain processes information and stores memory. Currently, I am working on the project called “Configuration Effect in Visual Crowding” in which my task is to write the code of the experiment.


I am a 3rd year student of Bioengineering at Ege University. I am also a graduate of Web Coding and Design. I am currently doing a summer internship at CNVP Lab. I am preparing visual posters for the projects on the website.


I am a Psychology and Sociology double major student at Yeditepe University. My great passion for understanding the human mind led me to learn more about cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging techniques in detail. More specifically, I am interested in visual and auditory perception, as well as human-robot interaction. I worked on a project called “Audio-visual Mechanisms of The Uncanny Valley Effect” as a part of the CNVP Lab. Currently, I am studying on a project called “Effects of percieved gaze direction and face mask on face perception”.


I am a fourth-year undergraduate Psychology student; I plan to pursue my career as a multidisciplinary researcher and an academician. Researching, learning, and sharing my knowledge are among my greatest passions and I think integrating my passions into my profession will get me “into my zone” (see Csíkszentmihályi’s concept of flow).
Apart from many subfields of psychology such as social psychology, psychopathology, and personality psychology; I am interested in various fields of study such as neuroscience, behavioral genetics, artificial intelligence, and anthropology. I strive to improve myself by reading about these fields and attending related events.


I have received my Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science and Engineering from Yeditepe University in 2022. I am a person who loves research in the interdisciplinary fields. Furthermore, I successfully completed my graduation project “Color Palette Matching” in CNVP Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Funda Yıldırım on color difference, visual perception and machine learning. In this project, I identified similarities between natural and digital colors to be most matched to human color perception. Also my research interests lie in the intersection of computer science and biological sciences such as bioengineering, neurobiology and molecular biology.


I am a 2nd-year psychology student at Yeditepe University. My interest and curiosity in my dear department have begun when I’ve just a student in middle school. Since then, my relationship with psychology has been increasing incrementally. Specifically speaking, I am concerned with the association between linguistics and psychology and looking forward to learning the understanding language and memory in all aspects of psychology, as well as, developing a project regarding this matter. In addition to this, I’ve been learning Chinese and German for a while and trying to be part of several activities such as the Yeditepe Rhythm Community, clubs, and foundations.


Currently, I am a 3rd-year student in Psychology at Üsküdar University. My interests are in examining people’s mental processes, how we perceive our environment, memory , perceptual and sensory problems and emotional disorders. Nowadays, I am taking part in a project called ‘’Investigation of Auditory Localization Performance Based on Multi-Sensory Modalities and Auditory Learning Types’’in the CNVP lab and doing an internship. After graduation, I aim to continue to improve myself in the fields of cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and clinical practice.


I am a senior psychology student at Istanbul University. When I was a 3rd year student, I was working in the Interaction Laboratory of Istanbul University, which studies human-machine interaction. I am interested in the effect of perception of sensory stimuli on the learning process. I am currently working as an Intern Researcher in the TÜBİTAK project in the CNVP Laboratory.



(Currently a Master’s student at the Free University of Berlin)

Hello! I am Mete, a 4th year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate student who also studies Genetics and Bioengineering as a second major. I am also in the music club and whenever I can find a crumd of free time, I like to practice guitar for a garage band that I’m playind rhythm guitar. What I am currently working in CNVP Lab is about the limit which human mind can understand and predict the outcomes of certain mixed up sounds.


(Currently a Master’s student at University of Geneva)

I have just graduated from Yeditepe University Psychology Department and planning to do my masters in the field of neurosicence. I am interested in cognitive and affective neuroscience, such as how the mechanisms of our senses like odor recognition and visual perception works and their relationship with artificical intelligence. Right now, I am working on a project about odor recognition threshold in humans and how each odor effects brain waves.

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